Mì Bò Kho

My mom owns Sông H??ng Restaurant in Chinatown, Honolulu, HI. I was lucky enough to go back home to Hawaii for the holidays and spent most of my days eating all the amazing local Hawaiian grindz and the delicious food at Sông H??ng. The first thing I got on my first day back on the islands? Mì bò kho. If you’ve never tried Vietnamese beef stew (aka bò kho) do yourself a favor and go get some right now! It’s traditionally served with french baguette, but I had it with egg noodles, and it was SOOO dang good!! Be on the look out for some bò kho specials on the Mandoline Grill truck! Or if you’re lucky enough to live in Hawaii, go get some at Sông H??ng!

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